Thursday, March 18, 2010

Take Out the Papers and the Trash

(Destin, FL) - Put a group of more than a dozen young women under one roof for a week, and what do you get? A mess!They were advised in advance to "pack light," and it's possible from their perspectives they actually did. I shudder to think how the place would looked if they had packed heavy.While one of our travelers has expressed personal satisfaction in staying organized and relatively neat, it's just a lost cause. They might not have brought as much stuff with them as they were inclined to, but they are accumulating more. All the newfound treasures find their way to horizontal surfaces such as countertops and floors.The bags! The shoes! The Make-up! It never stops.The sheer volume of trash we have generated would induce nightsweats in your average environmentalist. Honestly, I have felt pangs of guilt over the amount of paper and plastic we have sent down the garbage chute, knowing full well much of it was recyclable.
To be fair, the girls have pitched in like troopers to help keep the place relatively clean, although "tidy" is just a pipe dream. The best part about all this has been the hilarity. Any given moment has been an opportunity for laughter, even taking out the garbage. We seem to have found our happy place.

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Texas Tweety said...

You've been to my house? Sorry I missed you - must have been covered up in laundry.