Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rainy Day People

(Destin, FL) - It took a drizzly, overcast day to finally convince the ladies to split up into small groups. An older sister of one of our travelers is staying nearby, so we had visitors today. Big Sis brought some of her crew to the condo. Is it me, or do they all seem to have the same coloring, hair and smile?

That's my daughter back there in the headband, looking like a blue-clad hippie. This was quite intentional. Her group went in search of that look today. Hippe chic, I suppose.When your most desirable alternative activity is cruising shopping centers, you have to be careful not to make silly, recreational purchases. It seems this crew threw caution to the wind, coming home with headbands, sunglasses and boxer shorts. They were eager to model their purchases.
By all accounts, the Emerald Coast's shopping centers were jammed today. So much so that one of our small groups got stuck in a parking lot for almost an hour. It was there that a boy-taunting strategy backfired. Two of our older girls were in a car with three of the younger set, stuck in traffic next to a carload of guys. A conversation ensued, no doubt with flirting involved. The younger girls, actually sophomores in high school, told the guys there were freshmen at LSU. The boys, instantly deflated, said "Oh. We're 17."

Still another group went on a mission to find chocolate. The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory proved to be just what they needed. The best part was the chocolate was healthy. Of course it was. It was covering fruit and berries: apples, bananas, strawberries. When it's raining at the beach, you do what you must.
Some of the girls broke off into pairs. When you peel back all the layers of friendship, you can sense those who are particularly close.
A couple seemed to relish the quiet moments, taking a late afternoon trip to the silent shore to enjoy some reflection and reading.
Everyone had the same evening destination, though. Supper was on the stove, and after a day of adventure everyone reassembled for The Big Feed.
Even though they were stuffed with baked ravioli and salad, there was a lament: There are no more brownies. I guess the complainers were the people who didn't make the chocolate trip.

As long as we were breaking up into groups of two or three, I took the opportunity to spend some quality time with my best girls.
Shortly after sunset, the group was completely reassembled. Rested and well-fed, they were back in full voice. Quiet time is definitely over.

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