Monday, March 15, 2010

The House Mother Emerges

And now, a guest writer: my beautiful bride, who has been the silent sentry so far on this trip...
(Destin, FL) - It’s been a beautiful day in Destin. The temperature has been moderate and the sky perfectly clear. Our girls got their day’s share of sunshine and sand. It’s been 3 days of togetherness with 4 more days to go but at this point I can easily say that these girls are a pleasure to be around. They are polite, helpful, funny, and appreciative. Don’t get me wrong – they are all teenage girls with the make-up and bikinis to prove it.
They love to snack and have all kinds of goodies stashed away. They can certainly make a mess of a beautiful room! And they can go through 3 loads of towels and leave no hot water within the entire building in one round of post-beach clean-up. But I’m so glad our daughter asked us to bring this set of girls to the beach on what will be our last Spring Break. That’s right – this is our baby and she’s graduating. The next time my children come to the beach, it probably won’t be with Mom and Dad. To the parents who raised these girls – you’ve done something right. They look like grown-ups and are treating the grown-ups with respect. But they are still little girls in there somewhere.

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