Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sun On Their Shoulders, Toes in the Sand

(Destin, FL) - While we are in the Florida panhandle on a spring break trip, it must be noted that it is not yet actually Spring. Yes, it is still winter until later this week and despite the sunshine we see, the air temperature verfies the calendar.
Nonetheless, our intrepid, overcaffeinated crew formed a gaggle and stormed the beach!
There was important frolicking to be done and the squeals could be heard from four stories up and a hundred yards away.It would thrill me to report that they were squeals of delight, but it might be more accurate to describe them as shrieks of discomfort. It was early and it was cold, especially the water.Chilled but undeterred, "laying out" commenced, but not for long. It was just too doggone cold.
Some souls were more hearty than others and they hung in there for an hour or so.
Before 11:00 a.m., eveyone had come back inside to wait for the day to become more climatologically bearable for those wearing bikinis.
Eager to restore circulation to their extremeties, they took turns piling into the Jacuzzi.
They all seem to have the right spirit. One of the girls walked past me on her way to find a snack, glanced over her shoulder, smiled and said "it's perfect!"
This trip just might be worth the effort, after all.

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