Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Music Of The Night

(Destin, FL) - Any hope of getting a reasonable start on a good night's sleep has been shattered by the squealing and singing emanating from the opposite corner of the condo. The girls have decided to make a music video. This involves dancing and screaming, as well.

This project has all the necessary elements: casting, directing, a video camera, lights, sound and make-up.They are grinding the details: art directing costumes, making sure hair and nails are just right for their creative enterprise.
Here's a conversation surrounding the project: "Hey, do we have any scissors?"
"You are NOT going to cut your hair for this!"
It's an all-inclusive project as they choose just the right songs to make sure everyone has a part to play. Rumor has it someone will be playing the role of Reba McEntire.
Another is cast as Ke$ha. Taylor Swift and Li'l Wayne are on piano. We have Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. Oh, and the Ying-Yang Twins are getting crunk. It's a virtual "We are the World" of pop music!

I'm not sure exactly which direction this will take, but there are belly laughs involved. It's certain to be an extravaganza.

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