Sunday, March 14, 2010

Chillin' in the Condo

(Destin, Fl)- The gulf breeze ramped up into a daylong gale, which made staying on the beach a bit of a challenge for the spring break crew. Gallanty, they fought the wind and found ways to make sun worshipping happen. Some were resourceful and stayed on the sand while others retreated to a rooftop or a parking garage where hurricane worthy walls blocked the persistently powerful wind.
Battling the tempest became a bit tiresome for several of the girls and by mid-afternoon everyone had made their way back inside. Daytime temperatures are still a little lower than they would hope and the wind just magnified the cold. So, when one of the ladies talked to someone at home and advised she was "chillin' in the condo," that may have been more literal than the listener realized.
Fortunately, our accommodations are long on amenties so hanging out inside isn't exactly a hardship. Some decided to just relax and watch movies while the more dramatic among us re-enacted a scene from "Mulan."
Fortunatley, no one was injured during this re-creation.
In a wild stroke of coincidence, two of our spring breakers turned 18 today. I asked, "You mean you were born on the same day?" Yes, my grasp of the obvious is impressive. What better way to celebrate your 18th birthday than with a group of friends at the beach? To commemorate the occasion, they put on actual clothing, washed their hair, applied cosmetics and went out to dinner.
As for the adult supervisors, frankly the alone time was welcome. After all, this is just the first full day of intensive togetherness.
There are many ways to chill at the condo.

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mammabcrosby said...

Dear Daryl and Claire - there is absolutely no WAY to express to you our appreciation for all the work and thoughfulness you have put into making this trip so fun for Addie and all the girls. How precious to be able to read all the posts and share in some of the memories and excellent photes with all of you! The one of Emily is a masterpiece! I know Addie and Bianca had a blast on their birthday. Ya'll are the coolest parents (and friends) EVER! We love you and are praying "angels all around" for you. We trust you, Addie - most of all - the Lord! HE is awesome, isn't He?