Monday, March 15, 2010

All Things Bright and Beautiful

(Destin, FL) - Today is more temperate, climatologically speaking. This has pleased our spring breakers, who have been stalwart in facing fierce winds and chilling temperatures for a couple of days. The beach is in business this morning and our girls are taking full advantage. From a distance, we've seen dancing. The body language says it all. So far, they're having a fabulous time.
There was a brief mid-day flurry of activity in the suddenly silent condo. They came inside, in shifts, for lunch. To be honest, I massively underanticipated the amount of food these girls would consume. Sandwiches, chips, fruit, crackers, soft drinks. Whoosh! They disappear. And then, just as suddenly, so do the girls...back to the beach for sun and hijinks. We must assume for the sake of our own sanity that burying one another in the sand just to take funny photos is simply the surface of the shenanigans that have already been perpetrated or are being planned. This is, after all, just the second full day here at the beach. Who knows what lies ahead?
Given the level of activity we have seen so far, we may have to triple the grocery budget. There have already been two follow-up trips to the supermarket.
Is the effort and expense worth it? If a picture is indeed worth a thousand words, then this should answer the question quite succinctly:

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