Friday, March 19, 2010

Making the Most of the Last Night

(Destin, FL) - Last night, as we were making departure plans, my wife and I looked at one another and she said "Where is everybody?" At any given evening moment during the week, there would be two or three girls nearby. This time, they were nowhere in sight. Realizing, I suppose, that it would be their last night together, they had all jammed into one room.

I'm not sure what was going on in there, but a brief glimpsse revealed snacking, talking and lying around on top of one another.Who knows how late they stayed awake in there? To me, it's notweworthy that we have spent a week on the Florida gulf coast during spring break with 14 bright, attractive young women who have outgoing personalities; but they all have been together with us every evening. There was no fuss about it, either.
And so, on the last morning, there is peace in the condo.A school of dolphins is swimming by about 25 yards off shore.It's like they are giving us a farewell parade.
There's still time to squeeze in one more beach morning before we reassemble the Great Big Convoy and head west.

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