Friday, June 29, 2007

Wings Lose in Amarillo

(Amarillo, TX) – The Bossier – Shreveport BattleWings could not capitalize on seven touchdowns generated by quarterback Quincy Carter and lost on the road to the Amarillo Dusters, 51-48. Carter threw six touchdown passes and ran for another score, but it was his failure to find the end zone on a fourth and goal late in the contest that turned the game in the Dusters’ favor. The BattleWings were leading 41-37 in the fourth quarter and were threatening to score again. The Duster defense stopped the BattleWings three times. Then, from inside the one yard line, Carter attempted to leap over a pile of players into the end zone. The officials ruled he was stopped short of the goal line, and the ball was turned over to Amarillo on downs. Carter protested vehemently and was flagged for two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.
The Dusters, instead of having the ball inside their one yard line, started at the 21. Three plays later, Amarillo quarterback Steve Panella ran the ball in for a touchdown which gave the Dusters their first lead of the ball game, 44-41. The BattleWings could not recover Panella accounted for seven touchdowns, running for four and passing for three more as the Dusters improve to 3-9 while the BattleWings fall to 9-3.
A bright spot for Bossier-Shreveport was the play of Former Louisiana Tech wide receiver Tramissian Davis, who was playing in place of the injured Jamaal Perry. Davis caught seven passes for 150 yards and three touchdowns.
The BattleWings have two regular season home games remaining: July 7 against the Arkansas Twisters and July 14th against Rio Grande Valley.

Score by Quarters 1 2 3 4 Score
BSB BattleWings 21 14 6 7 48 Record: (9-3)
AMARILLO Dusters 7 14 16 14 51 Record: (3-9)

PASSING: Steve Panella (AMA) 37-17-1 198 3 TD’s;
Quincy Carter (BSB) 32-18-1 297 6TD’s
RECEIVING: Steven Bergeski (AMA) 9-101-2; Tramissian Davis (BOS) 7-150-3

Attendance: 3805

Schutt Offensive Player of the Game: Steve Bergeski AMR
U.S. Army Ironman: Jacob Felton (AMR)
ADT Defensive Player of the Game: David Ihedigbo (AMR)
Cutters Catch of the Game: Tramissian Davis (BSB)

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Nothing to Complain About

(Amarillo, TX) So far, so good. The most interesting thing to pass along about this trip to the Texas panhandle is that nothing has gone wrong. The hotel is really nice, transportation has gone as planned and the weather is just spectacular.
Driving around Amarillo this morning, everything seemed serenely routine. One learns quickly that these small-to-medium size cities seem to be reassuringly similar.
Some people like that, but I prefer to look for local flavor. These weekend trips don't offer a lot of time for exploriing, so naturally an emphasis is placed on finding local flavor, literally. So, in Texas you have to go for Mexican food or barbecue. We're a long way from the border, which narrows down the selection process.
This brought us to the Country Barn for mid-day ribs. The lunch was good and reasonably priced. The atmosphere was about what you would expect. Nothing made me want to jump up and buy a souvenir tee shirt; but again, there's nothing to complain about.
Things are low-key here on the Texas plains. There's really nothing to report, but I did pose for a photo in front of the rib joint. Here's hoping the trip home later tonight will be in keeping with the tone the trip has set for itself so far.

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Noteworthy Uneventfulness

(Amarillo, TX)- I have arrived with no muss, no fuss, no worries. Given the weather woes beseiging Texas over the last few days, it's remarkable to say the least that I made it to Amarillo with no frustrations. My flights went as scheduled, a courtesy van was waiting for me at the airport and a room key was ready when I got to the hotel. There's a TGI Friday's in the lobby and I saw a bunch of people I know there. One cold beer later, and I'm off to bed.
The most interesting thing to happen on the trip was the announcement of our pilot's name. Yes, Continental Airlines has a pilot named Captain Kirk. Of course, a plane load of people reacted to that. Of course, he and the crew have heard it all before.
I let it go, because I'm sensitive to the "Hey, where's your other brother Darrell?" thing I've been enduring since Bob Newhart's second big sitcom was popular.
There's a security guard at work named Earl Hicks. I can't tell you how often Jason Lee's face has popped into my mind whever I see him. So far, I have resisted saying, "Hey, your name is Earl!" If anybody does that, it will be my other brother Darrell.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Tagging Along With The Happy Couple

(Arlington, TX)- The Happy Couple went to Six Flags and we had to go along. My son and his long-standing love interest are 17 years old, staring into the abyss of adulthood while secretly clinging to some of their childlike ways. This tightrope act led to a desire to visit a giant amusement park with a limited amount of parental involvement. That meant we agreed to drop them off for a day, which meant we had to find something to do.
Fortunately, the Metroplex is a big place.After foraging about for food, we made our way back to Dallas for a matinee of Monty Python's Spamalot at the Music Hall at Fair Park. This is the show that won a Tony Award for best musical in 2005, and I can see why. It was big. It was bold. It was snot-slinging funny. We had a great time.
The Happy Couple was having too much fun to leave, so my wife and I caught a movie.
Later, they wanted to stay at the park after sunset, so we indulged them. Fortunately, the Texas Rangers were at home against the Houston Astros. I saw my first interleague game. I got to see Sammy Sosa swing the bat a few times. Just last week, he became only the 7th batter in big league history to hit 600 or more home runs, but he had a quiet night while we were in attendance. The big news for us was Craig Biggio of the Astros, who had three hits in the game to reach 2996 in his career. This week, he should join the venerated 3000-hit club, so we feel as though we saw something special.
It was a rare night in Texas. Temperatures were in the 80's and humidity was in the 50's, so we were comfortable. (Lance Berkman scores for Houston)
Finally, the Happy Couple had had enough. We plucked them from the park at 10:20pm and then faced a three-and-a-half hour drive home on a Sunday with work the next day staring us eyeball to eyeball. The alarm rang awfully early this morning.
It wasn't the most desirable cirmumstance, but now that the workday is done and everyone is safe at home, I'd say it was worth it. We spent a weekend out of town with one of our teenagers and everybody was happy. It was indeed a rare night in Texas.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

We Will Miss You, Ron

My buddy Ron lost his battle with cancer last night. He died as he lived, surrounded by family and lifted up by faith. Along the way, knowing the odds were against him, he believed that his fate was in God's hands. He was a model of srength and courage.
I've only known him for a couple of years, but he quickly emerged as one of my favorite people. His demeanor, his approach to life and work, the way he treated everyone, his essesnce were all to be admired.
You go through life and you meet people, work together, make friends. Rare is the person who you perceive to be universally liked. Ron was one of those guys. The people who worked for him followed his example. He didn't push his faith on people, but he exuded it at every moment. Is his fight with cancer, he inspired people.
I know I am a better person for having known him.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Enduring an Eating Disorder

Frequent visitors to Daddy D know that the signs of aging are piling up. The grey hair glares like a beacon, the back is stiff if I sit still too long. I hardly sleep through the night without at least one trip to the bathroom. The one that gets me, though, hits me where it hurts. I continue to spill food on myself.
I may be the squarest man alive. One Diet Coke too many during the course of the day hurts me a little. A six-pack of beer will last a year in my refrigerator. I've never tried any recreational drug. I'm the world's most militant anti-smoker. Some people would say I'm not a lot of fun. I am a little overweight.
I love to eat. I'm a gravy junkie. I find most dessert irrestible. So, I carry around twenty pounds too many. Portion control? Heresy! I'd like to swim in a pot of gumbo, wallow around in a vat of spaghetti and sleep on a cushion of German chocolate cake. I'm a food guy. Is it a surpise that I would wind up wearing so much of it?
A crouton here, an onion there, any number of things drop into my lap or onto my shirt. Just to keep everyone up to date, most recently I have dropped cabbage onto my shoe and tomato seeds onto my shirt sleeve.
I'm advised over and over again to watch what I eat. I guess I'm making it easy on myself, since I'm carrying my lunch around with me for the rest of the day.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yo! What Up With Dem Taxes?

Many in our community are embarrassed, disturbed, even angry about the local commercial for Accellerated Tax Refunds. The video is bouncing from e-mail to e-mail. Current residents and many who have moved away are weighing in on how humiliating it is to Shreveport.
I say it is what it is. Given the target audience, I suspect the spot actually is very effective. At least the kid in the commercial has talent. How many business owners have put their kids in commercials for brakes, boats, or boots? Are those kids really cute? Are they effective? Are they any less offensive than the child in this commercial? It depends upon your point of view.
Let me say it again. Be embarrassed or angry if you want to. The production value in this spot isn't the best. As jingles go, this is better than roughly a thousand others produced for local businesses. As kids-on-camera go, this is one of the best.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Hookah

As the father of teenagers, I try to stay on top of the temptations and dangers which confront them. As a long-time media professional, a consumer of pop culture and someone who generally tries to pay attention, I figured to be well plugged in.
Of course, I am naive.
My daughter is making final preparations for a Big Adventure this summer, and we have been going over prohibitions. One of the activities the Big Adventure's organizers have placed on the forbidden list is visiting hookah lounges.
Do what, Jed? If you say it out loud, it sounds like something from The Sopranos. When the girls at the Bing need a break, they retire to the Hookah Lounge. Well, that's not it. What the hell is a hookah lounge? I'm glad somebody had the forethought to keep her out of there, whatever it is. Here's a hookah. Who knew? I guess in the big cities and near college campuses, people are going to these places and communally smoking God knows what. In my day, that was called a bong. But, no! This isn't necessarily for the delivering smoke of the Evil Weed. Hookah propagandists will tell you that visiting bars and restaurants where hookahs lurk on the tables is a chic way to embrace multiculturalism. Apparently, Islamic decor and Indian or Asian music are often part of the hookah experience.
In places where smoking tobacco in public places is against the law, the hookah people are using "tobacco-free herbal alternatives." Ah. So, it IS a bong.
Either way, keep my daughter away from it.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

My son has decided he likes his job at a local chicken chain. The people he works with are nice and the management is reasonable. Handing people ketchup at the drive-through window isn't intellectually stimulating, but it earns him some walking around money. My father is proud of him for being actually employed, and has threatened on several occasions to go eat there so he can see his grandson in action.
Cane's has one menu item, in a limited number of combinations: Chicken Fingers. You can get fries, bread and cole slaw. They'll make a sandwich for you; but there's no dark meat combo, no breast and leg meal. Chicken fingers. That's it. This led to one of those priceless conversations you can only really have with someone in his 80's:
My dad: "I think I'll go up there and get something to eat. What's good?"
Me: "Well, they only have chicken."
My dad: "I'm trying not to eat a lot of salt. I wonder what I can get.
Me: "Well, they only have fried chicken, so that's a tough one."
My dad: "Do they have good fish?"
Me: "They only have chicken."
My dad: "They have a good fish sandwich at McDonald's"
Me: "I know. I used to eat them all the time when I worked there."
My dad: "Well, it's not a home cooked meal or anything, but it's not bad."
Me: "You're right."
My dad: "What time does he work tonight?"
Me: "I think 4:30 until 10:00."
My dad: "That's a long drive that time of day. I don't know if I want chicken tonight."
Me: "Well, they only have chicken.In honor of father's day: the chicken-free zone

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wings Win, Carter Sets TD Record

(Bossier City, LA) – Quarterback Quincy Carter made a convincing return to the Bossier-Shreveport line-up, throwing a franchise record eight touchdown passes to lead the BattleWings to an 81-35 win over the Corpus Christi Sharks. Carter, who had missed four consecutive games, completed 16 of 26 passes for 296 yards. He left the game in the fourth quarter to a rousing ovation. Gary Cooper, who started four games in Carter’s absence, led the Wings to a touchdown on the one possession he played, capping it off with a scoring toss to Manwell Talbert. Talbert had three touchdown catches on the night, as did Jamaal Perry and P.J. Winston.
Corpus Christi led once in the game, 7-6 in the first quarter.
Carter led the Battlewings to touchdowns on every first half possession. At halftime, Bossier-Shreveport led 45-14. Jason Schule, who leads af2 in rushing touchdowns, ran for one score. Chris Ibezam had a fumble recovery for a touchdown on a Corpus Christi kick-off return. Marvin Byrdsong also scored when he hit Sharks quarterback John De Los Santos on a pass attempt, forced a fumble, then picked up the ball and scampered 26 yards for the final touchdown of the night. The 81 points scored is the second-most in franchise history, topped only by an 82-point performance in 2001.
Carter was named offensive player of the game. Defensive honors went to defensive end Elex Reed, who added to his league-leading sack total by getting to De Los Santos once in the game. Reed also recovered a fumble.
The BattleWings improve to 9-2 on the season, while Corpus Christi falls to 1-9.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Eating Disorder

I think there is a strong indication that I have become officially old. Four of the last five meals, I have spilled something on myself. Yesterday, at lunch, my wife had made a couple of nice big salads. You'd think eating a salad at mid-day would be safe, but no. A hunk of lettuce, generously slathered in ranch dressing, fell off my fork and right onto my shirt. Later, during the same meal, a crouton did me in. I had to change clothes.
Fast forward to dinner time. The family went out for Italian. I thought the meal was incident-free, until we were walking out. Then my daughter said, "Hey dad you've got a little schmutz there on your shirt." Schmutz? It looked like spaghetti sauce to me. Who knows? Quick, somebody pass the matza.
Twice today, I spilled milk. At home, eating a bowl of cereal before work, I dropped some on my shoe. I got milk with my lunch at the cafeteria. Again, I thought I made it through; but when I got up to leave there was milk on my tie. I'll stock up on Scotchguard and bibs and just hope for the best.
Leftovers from the road:
During my unanticipated fasting period in Birmingham, I finally found my way to a Hardee's near the airport. There was a problem, of course. I got there about 10:25 am. That's the time to transition between breakfast and lunch, and to heck with those pesky customers. The shift manager was doing some kind of paper work. somebody else was "rotating the menu" and another guy was filling napkin dispensers. I finally got Napkin Guy's attention and asked him to please just give me whatever's on the shelf. I settled for some kind of mega-biscuit. I had to ask for a napkin, ironically, and then for a drink cup. Once I sat down to eat, they just kept on ignoring people. Finally, this poor guy driving a delivery van (You know the time pressure they're under) just snapped. He said, loudly, "For God's sake! Can't I just get something to eat?!" That finally got their attention.
I wonder if he spilled anything on himself along the way.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Wings WIn in Alabama

(Birmingham, AL)- Quincy Carter didn't travel to Birmingham with his Bossier-Shreveport Battle Wings for Friday night's af2 game against the Alabama Steeldogs and things worked out just fine.
Backup quarterback Gary Cooper filled in nicely once again - throwing for 227 yards and five touchdowns - and the Battle Wings defense chipped in with a key score as Bossier-Shreveport walked away with a 49-32 victory in front of an announced crowd of 5,612.
Cooper, who became the starter when Carter was suspended for missing team meetings, improved to 3-1 as starter and helped his team improve to 8-2.
He was 14-of-24 with no interceptions and had touchdown passes of 37, 10, 13, 42 and 35 yards.
Steeldogs quarterback Mitch Tanney didn't have much of an opportunity to counter. Tanney was sacked just twice but he was seemingly hurried and hit on every play.
Perhaps the biggest defensive play of the night came after one of Tanney's completions. He found Markeith Cooper along the sideline for a short gain with just over five minutes left in the first half. It appeared that Cooper was out of bounds when Battle Wings defensive back Chris Ibezam popped the ball loose into the hands of teammate Marc Bacote, who carried the ball 13 yards into the end zone. The officials ruled that the ball was live and Bacote's touchdown turned a 21-10 Battle Wings lead into a 28-10 advantage.
Ibezam led all defensive players with 10.5 total tackles, one pass defended and the forced fumble. "Most of the credit goes to the defensive line, because they kept up pressure all night," Ibezam said. "It was a mechanism working together on defense tonight. We're gonna savor this victory, then get ready for Corpus Christi on Monday."
Selesky said that was a big swing in points.
The Battle Wings forced the Steeldogs to attempt to dig out of a big hole. They did close the score to 28-17 on a 1-yard run by Tanney and conversion kick by Nick Hayes with 16 seconds left in the first half.
The Steeldogs took the second half kickoff and drove deep into Battle Wings territory. But the drive stalled at the 4-yard line and Hayes' 20-yard field goal trimmed the deficit to 28-20.
The Steeldogs opted to try an onside kick at that point and the Battle Wings recovered on the 4-yard line. A penalty moved the Battle Wings back but Cooper was able to find P.J. Winston for a 13-yard touchdown on third down.
Two long touchdown passes by Gary Cooper on successive possessions midway through the fourth quarter cemented the victory.
Cooper found former Louisiana Tech standout Tramissian Davis for a 42-yard score, when the Steeldogs defender fell down. After a defensive stop inside the 10, Cooper hit Jamaal Perry on a diving, 41-yard score to give the Battle Wings a 23-point lead.

Score by Quarters 1 2 3 4 Score
Bossier-Shreveport 7 21 7 14 49 Record: (8-2)
Alabama 7 10 9 6 32 Record: (5-5)

PASSING: COOPER, Gary (BOS) 24-14-227-5; TANNEY, Mitch (ALA) 42-23-223-3
RECEIVING: PERRY, Jamaal (BOS) 5-117-2; BELL, Herman (ALA) 9-71-1
RUSHING: SCHULE, Jason (BOS) 9-9-1; BROWNING, Clifford (ALA) 6-7-0

Schutt Offensive Player of the Game: Gary Cooper (BOS)
U.S. Army Ironman of the Game: Chris Ibezman (BOS)
ADT Defensive Player of the Game: Jamaal Perry (BOS)
Cutter's Catch of the Game: Jamaal Perry (BOS)

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Adventures in Eating

(Birmingham, AL - June 8, 2007) - I arrived at the elegant Birmingham Best Western Airport too late last night. The sumptuous selection of fine meats and cheeses had been carefully removed before I had an opportunity to partake. Not to worry. As the sign on the side of the hotel clearly states, a free hot breakfast was awaiting me. Sadly, due to my own selfish desire to sleep, I missed that, too. I was getting a little cranky.
Things took a nice turn, however. I was invited to go downtown to visit Alabama's legendary barbecue spot, Dreamland. This place is a landmark, like Tom's or the Dixie Chicken in College Station. By time time I arrived last night, a crew of grown men was crowing about Dreamland's ribs.
As a big believer in experiencing local culture, I was excited about the opportunity. The place did not disappoint. In the middle of a rainy workday, it was packed with people. The food was great, the atmosphere is exactly what you would expect and everyone was happy. I'm feeling much better, too. I'm not hungry anymore. Ribs, corn on the cob and about a quart of sweet tea later, I'm well-fed, well caffeinated and ready to take on the day.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Overwhelmed by the Glamour

(Birmingham, AL – June 7, 2007) – I hesitate to post at a time like this because I don’t want the dozens of Daddy D readers to be overcome with envy. These trips are so uplifting and glamorous that I fear I may not be able to make an adjustment back to normal life.
Today, for instance, I worked at my actual job, and then took an early evening flight on a regional jet to Houston. There I are rubbery “Chinese” food at an airport food court before hopping on to another plane bound for Birmingham.
After an uneventful trip to Birmingham International, where we actually arrived fifteen minutes early, my traveling companion and I hitched a ride to our hotel, the Best Western Airport. The lap of luxury is a comfortable place!
There, I joined two guys I actually like, Dan Newman and Jon Norris, in the hotel bar.

Thankfully, here at the BWA they know when enough is enough. They shut down the kitchen at 9:00 and stopped serving beer, wine or liquor at 10:00. Knowing that if we continued on our current pace of revelry and debauchery we might never be the same, we were shown the door at about 10:01.
Frankly, I am relieved and grateful to be back in the hotel room in time to catch the scintillating final seconds of game one of the NBA finals. The Spurs have won, just in time for me to switch over the David Letterman. Somebody pinch me.
The best news is, tomorrow is a work day. I have my laptop and cell phone. So, I can actually put in a full day. Okay. I gotta go catch my breath.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

TV Throwback

I was invited to be a guest on SportsLine 3, a made-for-local-cable sports talk show produced by KTBS. At first, I thought I might a substitue co-host, since Tim Fletcher was not working. I felt like a co-host. I was sitting at the anchor desk with Clif Cotton, but clearly I was a guest. Clif interviewed me for a half-hour. It was the first time I had been on live TV in two years, but I felt confident and comfortable. The reflexes kicked in. After all, talking about sports on local TV is how I earned a paycheck for 25 years. I guess the skill set, while dormant, doesn't completely disappear. Clif reminded everyone how long I had been around by breaking out some video from 1984 and showing it. I had a lot more hair and significantly less waistline in those days, but I still have that shirt! I remember buying it at the galleria in Houston.
Clif gave me a nice compliment. He said he had run across several pieces of video I had produced during my four-year stay at KTBS in the early 80's. He said the stories are pretty good. That and 95 cents will get me a Diet Coke in the Willis-Knighton cafeteria, but it was nice to hear.
I had fun and I hope they ask me back. The last couple of weeks having taken me on a strange trip down memory lane. Is something cosmic going on here, or is it all just a coincidence that my past keeps unexpectedly popping up? I'm starting to worry a little. What's next to come 'round the bend?

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Mr. Green Thumb

"See the tree, how big it's grown. but friend, it hasn't been too long, it was wasn't big.." Bobby Goldsboro's sappy 60's hit (Honey)lept to mind for me last week when the family and I had an opportunity to visit our first house. The lady who lives their now was gracious enough to let us walk around on our 20th anniversary. A visit to the back yard brought back a flood of memories, including all the landscaping work we did back then. I remembered a photo we had captioned "Will this tree live? 1988."
It did, and I'm proud to say it's providing wonderful shade for the young family which now lives under it.
There's philosophy in there somewhere, but I just thought it was fascinating to actually "see how big it's grown." Somewhere, Bobby Goldsboro is singing.
"I laughed at her and she got mad
The first day that she planted it, was just a twig
Then the first snow came
And she ran out to brush the snow away
So it wouldn't die..."

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Wings Win Big in Texas

(Houston, June 2 2007) – The Bossier – Shreveport BattleWings dominated the Texas Copperheads on both sides of the ball and came away with a 64-21 win, earning a season sweep of a division foe along the way. Earlier this season, the Battlewings beat Texas in Bossier City 52-0.
Quarterback Gary Cooper, starting for the third consecutive week, threw six touchdown passes, three to Manwell Talbert and two to PJ Winston to lead the Wings to victory.
Defensively, Bossier – Shreveport recorded seven quarterback sacks and intercepted two Kenton Evans passes. Kendrick Bournes, in his first game back after an extended stint on the injured reserve list, recovered a Texas fumble in the end zone for a second quarter score.
The Battlewings led 21-7 at the end of the first quarter. Cooper tossed touchdowns to Winston and Talbert and ran for another score in the first. Both touchdown tosses were set up by interceptions, one by Kenneth Williams and another by Phillip Geiggar.
Talbert and Winston caught touchdown passes in the second quarter. Winston streaked down the left side of the field and Cooper hit him in stride for a dramatic 45 yard score that put the game away. The BattleWings led 41-7 at the half.
Jason Schule added a one-yard run for a score in the third, and Cooper hit Marc Bacote in the end zone for another touchdown. Bacote wrestled the ball away from a defender as he fell backward into the end zone. The resulting touchdown gave the Battlewings a 55-14 lead. Brian Hazelwood added a 38-ayrd 4th quarter field goal. The offensive explosion wrapped up with Cooper finding Talbert on a ten-yard touchdown pass with three minutes remaining in the game.
Cooper was named the offensive player of the game. Defensive honors went to linebacker Marvin Byrdsong. Jarrod Filler of the Copperheads, who scored two touchdowns on six catches and had 113 return yards for Texas, was named Iron Man of the game.
The BattleWings, who improve to 7-2 in 2007, will play the Alabama Steeldogs in Birmingham Friday night before coming home to face the Corpus Christi Sharks on June 16th.

PASSING: Kenton Evans (TEX) 27-11-2-165 yds 3 td’s;
Gary Cooper (BSB) 28-15-1-210 yds 6 td’s;

Schutt Offensive Player of the Game: Gary Cooper (BSB)
U.S. Army Ironman: Jarrod Fuller (TEX)
ADT Defensive Player of the Game: Marvin Byrdsong (BSB)
Cutters Catch of the Game: PJ Winston (BSB)

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Howdy From Houston

(Houston, June 1 2007)- I made my first trip to Minutemaid Park tonight. It's hard to believe I haven't seen the Astros in person since they were in the Dome, but there it is. I got a chance to see the Cardinals, the reigning World Series champions, and they put a whoopin' on the hapless Astros, who are in last place in the division and have lost ten of their last eleven games. While that was fun, something else was more imporant to me.
I got to spend many hours with my lifelong best friend, and the stadium made for a great photo opportunity as two old friends enjoyed a ball game and a first-inning adult beverage or two.
We stayed through until the very end and even hung around for a post-game fireworks show. It was a great evening.
I'll spend another night in Houston. I open to visit another friend on Saturday, and then Arena Football in the evening. It's shaping up to be a nice little weekend.

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