Friday, June 29, 2007

Nothing to Complain About

(Amarillo, TX) So far, so good. The most interesting thing to pass along about this trip to the Texas panhandle is that nothing has gone wrong. The hotel is really nice, transportation has gone as planned and the weather is just spectacular.
Driving around Amarillo this morning, everything seemed serenely routine. One learns quickly that these small-to-medium size cities seem to be reassuringly similar.
Some people like that, but I prefer to look for local flavor. These weekend trips don't offer a lot of time for exploriing, so naturally an emphasis is placed on finding local flavor, literally. So, in Texas you have to go for Mexican food or barbecue. We're a long way from the border, which narrows down the selection process.
This brought us to the Country Barn for mid-day ribs. The lunch was good and reasonably priced. The atmosphere was about what you would expect. Nothing made me want to jump up and buy a souvenir tee shirt; but again, there's nothing to complain about.
Things are low-key here on the Texas plains. There's really nothing to report, but I did pose for a photo in front of the rib joint. Here's hoping the trip home later tonight will be in keeping with the tone the trip has set for itself so far.

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Workman said...

How does it smell there in Amarillo?

I've been there 3 times and each time I was overwhelmed by the strong stench of manure.

Have they looked into that?

Darrell said...

Sorry to disappoint you, My Man. The weather here has been spectacular..low humidity, moderate temperatures and the air is mountian fresh.

Workman said...

Perhaps they stank the place up for me.

Worse thought: perhaps I stank it up.

Where are you staying? When I'm in Amarillo, I stay the Comfort Inn, because my buddy got a discount there. They have a pool.

Darrell said...

Ambassador Hotel. Very nice, actually. The TGI Friday's in the lobby helps a lot. There's a nice atrium. The rooms are spacious and clean and the TV reception is good.