Friday, June 08, 2007

Adventures in Eating

(Birmingham, AL - June 8, 2007) - I arrived at the elegant Birmingham Best Western Airport too late last night. The sumptuous selection of fine meats and cheeses had been carefully removed before I had an opportunity to partake. Not to worry. As the sign on the side of the hotel clearly states, a free hot breakfast was awaiting me. Sadly, due to my own selfish desire to sleep, I missed that, too. I was getting a little cranky.
Things took a nice turn, however. I was invited to go downtown to visit Alabama's legendary barbecue spot, Dreamland. This place is a landmark, like Tom's or the Dixie Chicken in College Station. By time time I arrived last night, a crew of grown men was crowing about Dreamland's ribs.
As a big believer in experiencing local culture, I was excited about the opportunity. The place did not disappoint. In the middle of a rainy workday, it was packed with people. The food was great, the atmosphere is exactly what you would expect and everyone was happy. I'm feeling much better, too. I'm not hungry anymore. Ribs, corn on the cob and about a quart of sweet tea later, I'm well-fed, well caffeinated and ready to take on the day.

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