Monday, June 18, 2007

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

My son has decided he likes his job at a local chicken chain. The people he works with are nice and the management is reasonable. Handing people ketchup at the drive-through window isn't intellectually stimulating, but it earns him some walking around money. My father is proud of him for being actually employed, and has threatened on several occasions to go eat there so he can see his grandson in action.
Cane's has one menu item, in a limited number of combinations: Chicken Fingers. You can get fries, bread and cole slaw. They'll make a sandwich for you; but there's no dark meat combo, no breast and leg meal. Chicken fingers. That's it. This led to one of those priceless conversations you can only really have with someone in his 80's:
My dad: "I think I'll go up there and get something to eat. What's good?"
Me: "Well, they only have chicken."
My dad: "I'm trying not to eat a lot of salt. I wonder what I can get.
Me: "Well, they only have fried chicken, so that's a tough one."
My dad: "Do they have good fish?"
Me: "They only have chicken."
My dad: "They have a good fish sandwich at McDonald's"
Me: "I know. I used to eat them all the time when I worked there."
My dad: "Well, it's not a home cooked meal or anything, but it's not bad."
Me: "You're right."
My dad: "What time does he work tonight?"
Me: "I think 4:30 until 10:00."
My dad: "That's a long drive that time of day. I don't know if I want chicken tonight."
Me: "Well, they only have chicken.In honor of father's day: the chicken-free zone

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Anonymous said...

hahahaha. poor mummum