Thursday, June 07, 2007

Overwhelmed by the Glamour

(Birmingham, AL – June 7, 2007) – I hesitate to post at a time like this because I don’t want the dozens of Daddy D readers to be overcome with envy. These trips are so uplifting and glamorous that I fear I may not be able to make an adjustment back to normal life.
Today, for instance, I worked at my actual job, and then took an early evening flight on a regional jet to Houston. There I are rubbery “Chinese” food at an airport food court before hopping on to another plane bound for Birmingham.
After an uneventful trip to Birmingham International, where we actually arrived fifteen minutes early, my traveling companion and I hitched a ride to our hotel, the Best Western Airport. The lap of luxury is a comfortable place!
There, I joined two guys I actually like, Dan Newman and Jon Norris, in the hotel bar.

Thankfully, here at the BWA they know when enough is enough. They shut down the kitchen at 9:00 and stopped serving beer, wine or liquor at 10:00. Knowing that if we continued on our current pace of revelry and debauchery we might never be the same, we were shown the door at about 10:01.
Frankly, I am relieved and grateful to be back in the hotel room in time to catch the scintillating final seconds of game one of the NBA finals. The Spurs have won, just in time for me to switch over the David Letterman. Somebody pinch me.
The best news is, tomorrow is a work day. I have my laptop and cell phone. So, I can actually put in a full day. Okay. I gotta go catch my breath.

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