Saturday, June 02, 2007

Howdy From Houston

(Houston, June 1 2007)- I made my first trip to Minutemaid Park tonight. It's hard to believe I haven't seen the Astros in person since they were in the Dome, but there it is. I got a chance to see the Cardinals, the reigning World Series champions, and they put a whoopin' on the hapless Astros, who are in last place in the division and have lost ten of their last eleven games. While that was fun, something else was more imporant to me.
I got to spend many hours with my lifelong best friend, and the stadium made for a great photo opportunity as two old friends enjoyed a ball game and a first-inning adult beverage or two.
We stayed through until the very end and even hung around for a post-game fireworks show. It was a great evening.
I'll spend another night in Houston. I open to visit another friend on Saturday, and then Arena Football in the evening. It's shaping up to be a nice little weekend.

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