Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Our Names in Lights

We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary by retracing our steps from our Wedding Day. Some of the wedding party, along with our families, came to the church and witnessed our renewal of vows. We ate in the same places we did that day 20 years ago and even walked through our first house. We ended our day at the ball park, which is where we took all of our out-of-town guests that evening in 1987. Today was stormy in Shreveport, so the baseball crowd was small.
It was a lovely evening, though, and they put our names on the scoreboard and the public address announcer told everyone why we were there.
We will be excited to see photos from our day, which my wife described as "stellar."
You can't ask for more than that. Now, on with the next twenty years.

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1 comment:

Linnea said...


Congratulations!It's always great to hear a true love story. Best wishes for the next 20 years.