Friday, May 25, 2007

Twenty Years of Sports

There are countless wonderful things to be said about my wife. Over twenty years of marriage I have been reminded with remarkable consistency how fortunate I am to have a virtually flawless partner. One of the great things about my wife has been summed up by my friend Steve, who says "She's a great sport." It's true. She just rolls with it, baby. Whatever you're up for, she's generally up for it. She's a pelaser, and that's pleasing. To take a literal turn, she is more than willing and is often enthusiastic about attending sporting events.
Usually, we go to college football games, although we've been to horse races, NFL games, pro golf events, plenty of college basketball, baseball games at all levels and even Arena Football. She hangs in there and gets excited about any of it. We've been to bowl games, SEC, Big XII, WAC, Southland Conference and even ACC games in our travels.

The college football game we attended which illustrates just how deeply her "good sport" attitude goes: We were in Nashville and went to see Vanderbilt play Duke. That may be a reasonable women's basketball match-up, but football? We went, and we had fun.
Key number one two twenty years of happy marriage: be a good sport.

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