Monday, May 28, 2007

Succumbing to the Siren Song

My relationship with my new iPod has me listening to a lot more music a lot more carefully than I have in years. I find myself, as so many middle-aged people do, turning to music from my high school days for familiarity and comfort. Having teenagers helps me stay somewhat current, and I realized recently that I consistently enjoy the work of many contemporary artists.
If you were to ask me right now who my favorite 00’s era singer is, I will answer quickly: Amy Lee.
There’s something about her voice, whether she’s fronting Evanescence or breaking out on her own, which draws me in. I find her tone to be pleasing and her presentation entertaining. Her songs are often dark and haunting, but that creates an allure for me. A middle-aged man probably shouldn’t be drawn to her brand of music, but I am. In fact, I’ve downloaded her group’s new album and I can’t get enough of it. You probably won’t catch me at a concert. I know how much I’d stand out and surely feel awkward, plus a little creepy. But, I’ll keep buying her songs. I don’t know anything about her. I‘ve never seen her interviewed and I’ve never read a feature article about her or her band. I’ll probably keep it that way, too. I’ve never been that kind of fan and there’s no reason to start now. I just hope that she’s a nice girl whose dad is proud of her so I can feel good about liking her singing.

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