Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yo! What Up With Dem Taxes?

Many in our community are embarrassed, disturbed, even angry about the local commercial for Accellerated Tax Refunds. The video is bouncing from e-mail to e-mail. Current residents and many who have moved away are weighing in on how humiliating it is to Shreveport.
I say it is what it is. Given the target audience, I suspect the spot actually is very effective. At least the kid in the commercial has talent. How many business owners have put their kids in commercials for brakes, boats, or boots? Are those kids really cute? Are they effective? Are they any less offensive than the child in this commercial? It depends upon your point of view.
Let me say it again. Be embarrassed or angry if you want to. The production value in this spot isn't the best. As jingles go, this is better than roughly a thousand others produced for local businesses. As kids-on-camera go, this is one of the best.

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Workman said...

I think I'm with you on this one. The kid is much better on camera than most, but the ad is a shade embarrassing, too.

Of course, I really don't have a vested interest in maintaining Shreveport's image, so I guess I'm not cringing that much.

Workman said...

This boy is going to grow up to be this man...

Anonymous said...

One question: Why is there a tanning bed in their office?