Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness or Pigskin Prowess?

(Destin, FL) - Our last full day on the beach is the first full day of the NCAA basketball tournament, and I was conflicted. Basketball or beach? I reached what I thought was an elegant compromise with myself by opening the sliding doors of my bedroom while turning the games on TV with the volume muted.

Soothed by the sound of the surf gently yet relentlessly slapping the shore, I drifted off to sleep.
Having surrendered to slumber, I was roused by a noise riding in on the wind: Laughing. Screaming. Although coming from some distance away, I knew it instantly.
Our girls.
Something was up.
They found a football with boys attached to it.I sprung into action. It was vital to send a message that there are adults attached to these girls and we've got our eyes on them.

Plus, who wants to miss a good football game? There was the requisite intensity.They might have come up spitting sand, but they did so with smiles on their faces.

The rules were suspended, it seemed. There were trick plays, forward passes that would never be allowed by a self-respecting refereee and exhortations that would certainly draw flags for excessive celebration.

It's not clear who won, but they did work up a sweat out there and they seemed to have a lot of fun doing it.

And they all came back to the condo without the football or the boys.

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