Monday, September 01, 2008

Watching and Waiting

CNN covers Gustav
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Hurricane Gustav has made landfall and now we wait to assess the damage. Having spent so much of my adult life working in TV news, it's still a little strange to sit in the living room and watch everyone work.
I have friends who are devoted to Fox News, but I find myself sticking with CNN. Fox is so dramatic. I mean, they're throwing Geraldo Rivera at us and that can never be good. The main reason I'm leaning heavily on CNN, though, is because it's in HD on my TV, while Fox and MSNBC are not. I was transfixed by MSNBC for a while, though, because people I have met and worked with are covering the storm in New Orleans. So, you go with who you know when you can.
Now, we're hearing that Gustav is expected to stall just southwest of here. This means we may have Biblical amounts of rain at my house, and that's a little scary.
In the meantime, Fox is in full freakout, speaking in excited tones about what might happen. I will find someone who will tell me what has actually happened. After all, news is suppposed to be about facts.

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