Sunday, August 31, 2008

Full Gustav Freakout

Weather Channel map
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Hurricane Gustav is coming and it looks likes it will affect the whole state. When Shreveport starts to show up on maps prepared by national media, you know it's a big storm. Typically, we get refreshing rains and a cool breeze from hurricane remnants.
We are being told to anticipate devastating flooding here, which is a little frightening. People are out today buying supplies: drinking water, nonperishable foods, that kind of thing.
Already thousands of evacuees are in local shelters. People in south Louisiana are being advised to "go north." We just hope this is far enough north.

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Pat Austin Becker said...

I was out amongst them buying batteries. Batteries are already hard to find, but I managed. Not sure why I bought water - we never actually lose water, but we always lose power.

Workman said...

My thoughts are with you at the storm rolls in.

And believe it or not, I actually wish I was there right now.

Guess I'm still a journalist after all.