Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Ridiculous and the Amusing

Christmas decorations in August
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My wife and I were poking around a Giant Crafts Store and I wandered off on my own. I discovered, much to my astonishment, that rows and rows of Christmas supplies are already on sale. I actually heard "The First Noel" on the overhead music. For the record, this photo was taken during the third week of August! As a few people in my circle have become fond of saying, "some things speak for themselves."
My wife was shopping for photo frames. She had several of my little snapshots enlarged and plans to use them to adorn the walls of her new office. That's a nice compliment.
It's time to admit I made a liar out of myself. I have watched a lot more of The Olympics than I thought I would. Like everybody else, I got caught up in the Michael Phelps drama and hung around for the Controversial Gymnastics. Other than that, though, it's been just background noise. I did notice the female pole vault gold medalist. From a distance, she appeared to be more attractive than you might expect a pole vaulter to be.
My new friend, Detective Dave of the Chicago PD, has captured my imagination. He really does sound just like those guys George Wendt and Dan Aykroyd used to play on Saturday Night LIve...you know, the characters who immortalized Mike Ditka and "Da Bears."
He actually used the word "perps" and the phrase "dropped a dime" in the same breath. He was talking to me and said my credit card fraud case was worth pursuing, especially since I had "dropped a dime on the perps." I felt like I had parachuted into a TV drama or something.
I asked him for the origin of the phrase "dropped a dime." He said it goes back to the days when it cost ten cents to make a call from a pay phone. If you phoned in a tip to the police, you had "dropped a dime." Ah! I told him he has enhanced my life. "Perps," of course, is an abbreviation for "perpetrators."
Now, I just hope he get the collar!

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