Thursday, August 14, 2008

Have You Seen This Woman?

My wife recently got a new position at work, a promotion really. There's a lofty title, an increase in responsibility and some of the things that come along with all that. That's wonderful, but here's the thing: The person selected to fill her old position hasn't started yet, so my wife is doing both jobs. She is doing more than that, actually, because being the considerate person she is, she is mega-organizing things for her replacement.
This means I don't see much of her. When she is physically present, she is miles away mentally. Her nose is pointed directly at her SmartPhone or her laptop at almost every waking moment. You know what this means, right? Her nose is NOT pointed at me, and this is a bad thing.
The females in my life have basically deserted me. My daughter is having one last beach hurrah before school starts next week, one dog died and the other one is still upset with me because I paid so much attention to the other one over the last several weeks. Thank God for my son's girlfriend. At least she brought me some fresh tomatoes. Someone's paying attention to me.
Here's how it's been going: My wife was on a business trip for a few days last week. The night before she left, my daughter was bemoaning her imminent departure. Was she going to miss her Mommy? No, I'm told. She was dreading being left alone with me. "Mom, he's so needy when you're not around. I don't do needy."
Great. Let's see what happens if I stop needing them. Like that's going to happen.
When I wrote about my wife's new job a few weeks ago, I said I'd let you know if she gets cranky. Well, I'm afraid I can't deliver on that promise. I have absolutely no idea. I can tell you about my mood, if you want me to....but I don't need to.

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