Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Investigation Continues

Tomekia Scott and Frank Taylor, whoever they are, had better lay low. They flew to Charlotte from Chicago last Wednesday on tickets bought with our debit card. Kareen and Kamara Couch flew from Chicago to Atlanta on the same day under similar circumstances.
Now, the Chicago PD is on their trails and hopefully their tails.
Using an empty checking account and a depleted overdraft protection line of credit as motivation, I have been bulldogging federal and local law enforcement. Everyone has been nice. I've heard more than once, "after all, you're a victim." No one wanted to claim jurisdiction for chasing this down, though, until somehow I got routed to the Superintendent's office at Chicago PD.
A detective named Dave has become fascinated with this, and that pleases me. He liked the idea that I have the names of the "perps." I was even able, thanks to the determined amateur detective work of my friend Dave in Nashville, to track down the place where one of the phantom fliers works and goes to school...in Chicago.
A cage will soon be rattled, thanks to the united efforts of the two Daves.
Our account is still empty. The bank people assure us we will be "made whole," but it might take up to ten days. That process is ongoing. I've spoken with several people in the bank's bureaucracy who offered challengingly inconsistent advice. Ultimately, I said to someone on the phone, "May I please talk with someone in the organization who can speak about this with confidence and authority?" For the record, that hasn't actually happened yet.
Acting on the tenuous advice of one of the bank people, we filed a local police report. I got a prompt call from the White Collar Crimes Task Force, but was told this doesn't fall into local jurisdiction. They directed me to Chicago PD, where I captured Detective Dave's imagination, so SPD and the CPSO did some good. The FBI wasn't the slighest bit interested.
I would think the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) would like to hear about this. If Tomekia Scott, Frank Taylor, Kareen and Kamala Couch are not the thieves' actual names, then fake ID"s were used to board domestic airliners. If that happened, we have real issues. If those are real names, then Detective Dave of the Chicago PD will find them. He has already called me once today and said, "You will hear from me again."
I hope it's some time after Frank Taylor, Tomekia Scott, Kareen Couch and Kamala Couch hear from him. I also hope their little plane trips to Charlotte and Atlanta were worth it. See you in prison, you criminal pieces of crap.

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