Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Ongoing Investigation

We are intensely frustrated by the glacier-like pace Regions Bank has set in the process of making things right with our bank account. We realize that the theft of our debit card information is not their fault, but they should at least have a sense of urgency about things.
When Kareen Couch, Kamala Couch, Frank Taylor and Tomekia Scott flew from Chicago on United Airlines and U.S. Airways, our checking account was cleaned out. So was the overdraft protection. We thought we had things squared away with Regions Bank. In fact, we were specifically assured that all checks and debits would be honored. why did a check we wrote to our son get sent back to us? Hard to say. So, then my wife went to Regions Bank to make a deposit to cover the lost funds. She was told by the teller that our account had been flagged for excessive overdrafts and they couldn't accept the deposit.
Do what, now? We are here to deal with the overdrafts that we had been assured would not be an issue.
Fortunately, the teller responded well when she was advised to call our bank officer directly. After that call was made, they accepted our money. Imagine that.
Ironically, we received a letter from Regions Bank today telling us communication with clients is essential and they will be calling us in the days ahead to discuss our overdrafts. I am very much looking forward to that phone call.
Detective Dave of the Chicago Police Department sent me an e-mail yesterday saying the investigation into the financial crimes of the Four Felonious Fliers continues. CPD has made contact with one of them. We do not want to compromise the process, so I will be discreet with the information. Suffice it to say, there is an uncomfortable criminal in the Windy City who will hear from Daddy D.
I'm looking forward to my trip. Can anybody help with Cubs or Bears tickets?

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Seth said...

Cubs tickets: good luck because I haven't had any luck. I realize I can't get face value right now, but the prices are just ridiculous. Market demand and all that.

Bears tickets: if you can't get them from the box office I've got some friends in Chicago I can talk to. Right now I don't think you'd have that hard of a time picking them up.

Pat Austin Becker said...

What a frustrating ordeal! I may have missed this in an earlier post, but do you know HOW they got your info?
If Regions doesn't tighten up their communication skills, I might consider changing banks when this is all straight, if I were you!

Darrell said...

We do not know how our card was compromised. The people at Regions Bank have been very nice. They are a victim of their own system. Fortunately, we can get by with cash for a while longer.
The hard part about changing banks is all the electronic debits we have. It would be a tedious process to inform the insurance comapny, the power company, etc. of the changes.
Plus, I'm concerned that Regions Bank's lack of attention to detail will negatively impact our credit rating. We will let the dust settle before we make any decisions. In our advancing years, we try to to be impulsive.

Anonymous said... sucks to be you! Just kidding...sorry for your experience. The thing that bugs me about it is how difficult it is to get an institution to communicate internally with its own people. Each institution has its own culture regarding how well they handle customer issues. And not to sound like an old grouch (which I guess I'm starting to become more these days ) there's really no excuse for it. We have all this hi-tech hardware to issue a late fee if you're 30 minutes late on payment...they have never missed out on issuing a service charge...but by golly...let something happen that requires them to step out of their daily modality...and you get a recorded message.

Hope you get things ironed out soon. Your experience is why I don't have all my financial eggs in one bank. Too risky given today's high-tech environment.

Darrell said...

Oh, yeah. We're spread out, too. We'll see how regions bank ultimately performs.