Sunday, August 31, 2008

Game Day Experience in Ruston

Game day crowd
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Your eyes are not deceiving you. That crush of people is outside Joe Aillet Stadium at Louisiana Tech. The Bulldogs opened their 2008 season against Mississippi State. It's the first time a Southeastern Conference team has come to Ruston, and Tech actually won.
It was a big night for the program. The game was nationally televised and there was good energy in Tech's little stadium.
The air was filled with traditional Louisiana game day smells: barbecue, chicken, beer (beer in Ruston!) and all the rest. There was a legitimate tailgate experience.
LSU moved its opening kickoff to 10am and won. So, there was a festive atmosphere across the state even as Hurricane Gustav draws a bead on us. At least we have football....winning distract us for a time.
Final score

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