Saturday, August 23, 2008

They Grow Up Fast

They are in college now
Originally uploaded by Darrell
The children pictured here are now college freshmen. In fact, quite by coincidence the little guy in the striped clown overalls and the guy in the blue and white striped shirt are suitemates. They were pals when they were two but barely know one another now. I suspect they will know one another much better rather quickly. Whether or not they will be buddies again remains to be seen.
Even though our College Man is living on a nearby campus, he has not been hanging around the house and that's encouraging.
I thought he would come back home for the weekend, but there's no harbinger of that. We made it clear that he is not banished to the dorm, but I guess he likes it over there. He dropped by for a moment but announced, "See you later. I'm going home." That meant he was going back to the dorm. So, I guess we have to translate when we refer to "home" now.
At least his mother stopped crying.

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Unknown said...

All those kids, except the little boy in red, look scared to death! Was it the first day?

So what of the other half of the happy couple? There's been no mention of her during these posts about college. Enquiring minds and all that...

Darrell said...

The Other Half is in the photo of Them moving into the dorm. She's on the stairs between guitar man and his grandfather.
They are still Happy and still a Couple...going to school in the same town but different colleges. That should work out nicely.
There is no disturbance in the force.
As for the photo, I dunno. They were three years old. I think they were concerned about being forced to stand/ sit still for two minutes.