Sunday, August 03, 2008

My Weekends Are Still Tied Up

Well, whaddaya know? I get to do at least one more Arena Football game on the radio. The BattleWings beat The Lubbock Renegades in the first round of the playoffs, 77-61.
The star player, Chavis McCollister, was off the chain. He returned three kickoffs for touchdowns, ran for another and caught two touchdown passes. He was so dominant on special teams that the offense ran exactly one play in the first quarter. They never got the ball because defense and the kick return team were doing all the scoring.
My mother-in-law was there again, and delightedly so because early on she identified McCollister as her favorite player. I dare say there's no way she could have anticipated becoming a fan of an Arena Football team, but she has.
Even better news, we get to stay home next weekend because the reigning league champions were upset. So, instead of going back to Tulsa next week, we get to stay at the house.
This is a dramatic improvement over one year ago, when I traveled five consecutive weekends in July and August. This year, my wife has taken several trips with me, so it's been kind of like a few mini-vacations.
At this point, though, we prefer hanging around home for a little while. We get to do just that for at least one more weekend.
Thanks to Douglas Colier of The Shreveport Times for the photos. He has posted fifty images in a photo gallery at

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