Sunday, August 10, 2008

Media Memories

Louisiana Tech had its football media day and I attended. A few people were confused when I showed up because I kinda sorta don't really work in the media anymore.
The other side of the coin is that I kinda sorta do. As a freelance broadcaster, I pick up work here and there.
I ran into several media types I have known for many years, including the Sports Director from KNOE television. We used to work at the same TV station. He was assigned to a news bureau away from the main facility and always wanted to work full-time in sports. So I'm happy that he has made a name for himself in north Louisiana. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who works harder.
Our old station was the only Shreveport TV outlet to show up for media day, so we are proud.

Derek Dooley Meets the media
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Second-year head coach Derek Dooley is steely-eyed in his determination to build a legitimate winner in Ruston, and openly admitted he needs to upgrade his talent to do that. He essentially said he needs better players. His candor is refreshing.
I've met with him a couple of times in another context and I'm impressed. I'm pulling for him to achieve his goals. If Louisiana Tech's football program is elevated, we all win.

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Ken Jenkins said...

Dooley kind of comes off like a jerk but I don't think he cares. Some of my college students see him on campus and are scared to speak to him. I think he is going to be a winner despite his lack of tact. I like him. You didn't have any run ins with campus police did you?

Darrell said...

I was actually thinking about the Tech cop incident. I handled it poorly by talking about it on the radio too much. was the single most infuriating, aggravating and flabbergasting moment of my career.

Ken Jenkins said...

I never would have guessed, ha!