Sunday, September 14, 2008

How Great is DirecTV?

Hurricane Ike played havoc with a couple of local television stations. Saturday night, the NBC affiliate was off the air. This was worrisome because the much-anticipated season premier of Saturday Night Live was coming on! The local FOX station is still not transmitting, which is an issue because it's NFL day. No problem. The fine folks at DirecTV somehow knew of the troubles and simply directed another FOX signal and another NBC signal into this market. They provided on-screen messages on the channels where we would normally see these networks instructing us where to tune. It was a beautiful thing.
Try that with cable.
It wasn't perfect. The video streams were got were not in High Definition. If you're accustomed to HD, it's an adjustment to go back to the old way of seeing things. But, hey, I'll take it.
Do the right thing. Switch to satellite. If you do, tell them I sent you. Maybe I'll get a free month of ESPN GamePlan or something.

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