Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Gold Moment

SEC East standings
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While Southern Cal and Florida fans are suffering following their teams' shocking losses this weekend, the graduate of a Southeastern Conference school in our house is riding high. Yes, the Vandy Girl who shares my home is worked up. It probably won't last, but for at least one more week, The Commodoresare undefeated and atop the SEC East Division standings. Since Vanderbilt does not have a game this weekend, its stranglehold on 1st place will last two weeks at a minimum. Georgia plays Alabama tonight, so we will be flipping back and forth between that game and LSU-Mississippi State.
My resident 'Dores fan is a realist. She knows there's virtually no chance her team will win the division. She's just hoping for two more wins so they will be bowl eligible.
How excited is she? She got on the internet and ordered some Vandy gear, and she's been checking the front porch twice a day while she impatiently awaits delivery.
In the meantime, I'm facing a potential conflict of interest. I'm on the selection committee for the Independene Bowl, which has a contract with the SEC. If the Commodores get it done, will I need to recuse myself? What if they're bowl eligible and we don't invite them? I'll never hear the end of it.
Maybe they will win their way into the Sugar Bowl or something and I won't be conflicted. Maybe pigs will fly over downtown New Orleans, too.

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