Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Still Scrapping with Allstate

It has been exactly one month since a driver, insured by Allstate, pulled into the path of a car being driven quite legally and responsibly by by son. Joe College is still driving a rent car. Hopefully, that will change soon.
I give Allstate a bit of a pass because their "total loss" department is in New Orleans and they sort of evacuated the city last week. I got a call from them last Friday, and surely enough my Total Loss Person was a Gustav victim. She had not left town, but her whole family stayed in a shelter in Shreveport. She said she wanted to get this settled. So do I. As you all know, I have surrendered to Allstate. Having my son in a rent car exposes me to much more potential trouble than the fight is worth.
Still, I need to continue to express my frustrations with "the good hands people." My friend the Gustav victim, who alertly did not flee the city in the path of the storm, told me on Friday that she knew I was frustrated with all the delays and that she would "overnight" the proper paperwork to me. Saturday came. No papers. Monday came. No papers. Tuesday....found the papers on the porch in a DHL envelope. So, now I'll work on the papers.
Meanwhile, our devastated vehicle rests forlornly in a body shop. I stopped by to pay my respects and was told that the salvage company called and wanted to pick the car up. I told the guy, "please do not surrender that car to anyone until I let you know I have a check from Allstate in my hand." So, that's the working plan. I'll be sure to overnight all the documents to them.

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