Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Working That Sale

It was time to buy a new suit and I had a coupon for $300.00 (yep, three hundred bucks) off a regular-priced suit at a men's store close to the house. So, I went shopping.
I found a suit I really liked. It was on sale for $299.00. FREE SUIT!
Not so fast, Skippy.
The deal is for Three Bills off the regular price. Alertly, I asked what the regular price of the suit had been. I was told $550.00.
Quick math led to perhaps the first-ever request of its kind: I asked them to put the suit back at its regular price. There was a pause, and then....they did it!
Back up to $550.00...$300.00 coupon on the table and BOOM: Suit costs $250.00 instead of $299.00. Sold. I feel like I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night or something.
I was so pleased that they were willing to work with me that I bought some new shirts. I had another coupon for ten bucks off each shirt. They started ringing them up and noticed something else: my company's corporate discount would actually make the shirts costs even less. So, they disregarded the coupon and gave me the coprorate price. That's customer service.
There's a local men's store I'm usually loyal to. I have spent thousands and thousand of dollars at Pope's over the years and I'll be back. But, I have to hand it to Joseph A. Bank for reeling me in and hooking me. I'll go to Pope's to buy ties to go with my sale suit.

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