Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Breezy Breeze

While millions are suffering from the effects of Hurricane Ike, at our house it was a non-event. I made my daughter get up off the sofa and go outside "to feel the wind of Ike."
After a week of hearing we might have tropical storm or hurricane force winds here in northwest Louisiana, we were pleased to be able to step onto the street and feel the invogorating breezes. There is no damage in our neighborhood.
In fact, Ike forced us into a day of rest. I had an assignment as a TV sideline reporter for a college football game today, but the game was postponed and the telecast was called off. So, I sat around the house watching games, talking with the ladies who live here and troubleshooting a frustrating internet connectivity issue.
People are dutifully staying indoors, making for a quiet day.
The wind was remarkable, but we've endured more frightening gusts during many spring thunderstorms.
Don't confuse my relief with a lack of concern. My best friend and his family hunkered down south of Houston. When last I heard from him, he was without power and housebound with his wife and three young children. The kids weren't scared, he said. It was sort of like camping. That was before the hurricane came ashore. I'll be interested to hear later how that camping trip worked out for them.
Update: I feel like an idiot for kidding around. My friend texted me tonight to say they "lost the west side of the house." It's like somebody punched me in the stomach. Thankfully, he said everyone's okay.

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