Saturday, September 27, 2008

Loud Night Out

Rascal Flatts
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Let me just say this: That Rascal Flatts dude can sing. The hugely popular, mostly country trio came back to town and we decided to give them another listen. They really go big-time with their presentation, and that counts for a lot when you mosty don't know their songs. Three of their biggest hits were familiar and I actually found myself singing along with the emotional ballad "What Hurts The Most."
Mostly, though, it was a night out and a chance for my wife and me to share an experience with our daughter and her friends.
Their interest was focused on the opener, young country singer Taylor Swift. I knew her songs from spending time in the car with my daughter, who has her iPod loaded with everything Swift has ever released.
As has been noted several times in this space, I seem to wind up at country music shows even though I rarely actually listen to country music. The lyrics are mostly clean and the crowds are usually well-bathed and well-behaved, so it's almost always a positive experience.
My ears are ringing. Feels like I went to an LSU game.

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