Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Gustav, We Hardly New Ya

Hurricane Gustav Shelter
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Gustav is gone and the threat of torrents which would flood our homes and businesses never materialized. Now, these people and tens of thousands more like them want to go home. These unfortunate souls packed shelters around town. Medically, they were cared for. They were well fed and well sheltered, but there were some issues with their ability to stay clean. In many of the shelters, sanitary facilities were woefully lacking. You would think we would have the shelter thing all figured out by now.
As for the weather, it's actually been kind of nice. The cloud cover Gustav brought to northwest Louisiana gave us an approximately 20 degree break from the heat. We needed the rain and we got enough but not too much.
There are three more tropical systems spinning around out there in the water. Maybe we will hunker down again next week.

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