Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Sure Sign of Aging

We were out and the Cowboys were on TV, so we decided to stop into a sports-themed restaurant/ bar to grab a bite to eat and watch a few minutes of the game. It should be a sports fan's dream, right? A nice collection of jersey-clad fans surrounded by big-screen TV's with waitresses bringing fried food and beer. What more could you ask for?
A little quiet, if you don't mind. The people were just too loud, too wild.
Speaking of wild, I ordered some chicken wings. Knowing my limitations, I asked for mild sauce. We have established it was LOUD in there. Apparently our waitress didn't hear me exactly right. She brought "wild," not "mild." Since I was watching the game and trusting my server, I munched right in. I knew mmediately I had made a terrible mistake. Wild is right. I was wildly sweating down the back of my neck in less than thirty seconds.
How old am I? I know that I will pay the price tomorrow for tonight's accidental ingestion of Wild Wings.
Break out the medicated cream and turn up the TV a little, will ya?

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