Friday, September 05, 2008

Back on the Teevee

Bad lighting on TV
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I'm the Michael Corleone of local/ regional TV. They keep dragging me back in. I was offered an opportunity to be the sideline reporter on a local broadcast of a football game, and I jumped on it.
It was fun and I knew most of the coaches involved. The best part, though, was the broadcast team. The local station cobbled together "talent" past and present. The three on-air guys were Tim Fletcher, Clif Cotton and me.
In the 1990's a local TV sports department was Tim Fletcher, Clif Cotton and me. The fact that we had a one-night reunion on another station is nothing short of remarkable. Fletcher put it all together, showing commendable friendship. Considering Clif and I are out of TV, it was a nice gift.
By all accounts, the broadcast came off pretty well. I hope we get to do it again.

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