Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Big Night Out

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We went out to a fancy eatin' place and then to a show tonight. Country music star Sara Evans was in town. She sang for about an hour and a half, showcasing some songs from her upcoming Greatest Hits CD.
It's a family friendly show. Her back-up singers are two of her sisters and her brother plays bass in the band. She brought two of her three kids onto the stage.
She announced that she has been sick, and she visited my place of employment earlier in the day to get a shot. So, free plug for the paycheck. Nice. I text messaged the Big Boss of the facility where she was treated. He was unaware that a major music star had been in his emergency room. This is good news, because it means my co-workers were doing a good job obeying federal privacy regulations.
I only knew one of her songs, but most of the people there seemed to sing along with enthusiasm. It was a pleasant evening, anyway.
Maybe I'll turn to country music here in my advancing years.

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