Tuesday, May 20, 2008

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The crawfish boil we attended was a church function, hosted by a group which calls itself "The Lion's Pride." I was asked to write something about the event for the church bulletin. Here's how it went:

In keeping with the spirit of Trinity Weekend, the Lion’s Pride surrounded itself with 3’s at the north Caddo Parish home of Patrick and Lee Harrison. Food, fun and fellowship were in abundance as the group celebrated springtime, family and friends. It was billed as a crawfish boil, but of course there had to be two more elements. Jambalaya and hot dogs were also on the menu just in case anyone decided to steer clear of the cayenne coated crustaceans.

Boiling bugs were the attraction, but the substance of the gathering was a celebration of young families. Toddlers ruled the grounds while parents and other visitors discussed the direction of our cathedral’s ministries, with emphasis on a short-term plan to help our neighbors who have been adversely affected by the recent flash floods. Certainly the conversation often turned to the joys of the day. Children were laughing and running as the sweet scents of springtime, along with the occasional football, filled the air.
More seasoned attendees were able to focus on steaming piles of crawfish while their younger counterparts kept an eye on the kids, so there was something for everyone.

The Lion’s pride continues to grow under the nurture of some of the church’s dynamic young leaders. Spiritual and social growth within the group are gaining momentum as participation expands. Fittingly, it was easy to discern three generations of the St Mark’s family gathered under brilliant blue skies that afternoon. At this rate, the next gathering may require a menu of loaves and fishes.

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