Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Old Testament Calling

Street flooding
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It's been raining so hard for so long that our streets have become rivers. It can be tragic if your house is flooded, which ours is not. So, we're grateful. At the moment this photo was taken, the water had receeded from our yard about 8-10 feet. It had risen to the trunk of the river birch in the middle of the frame. That will get your attention.
The geniuses at the school board let the kids go home at noon. By then, it had rained several more inches and we were already in a flash flood warning. Hey, they're educators. Why would we expect them to make a forward-thinking decision? The TV weather people were in full freakout mode this morning, one saying "I haven't seen anything like this and I've been around a long, long time." Think they might have closed school about 6:00am when the lightning was incessant and the downpour was biblical?
Our son, who has already finished school, decided to go out for lunch and had trouble getting home.
A guy at work didn't make it today because he drove into standing water and had to be rescued by firefighters. His car is totaled.
Things are challenging around here and more rain is expected tonight. Will somebody alert the school board, please?
Rising water
As it turns out, the weather man was right on target. It has been widely reported that this was the second-highest 24 hour rain total in the city's history. The only larger amount was measured in 1933, in the aftermath of a tropical storm.

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