Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Bugs and the Purple Flower

Love bugs
Originally uploaded by Darrell
Last summer, my wife gave me a new camera for my birthday and I've had a lot of fun with it. I started posting some photos to Flickr, primarily as a mechanism to share photos with friends and out-of-town family. Occasionally, I'll put some things on there just because I think the photo is nice. This one, which I took last week, has played to rave reviews. It is easily the most "rewarded" photo I've ever posted, and the one with the second-largest number of views, all-time.
I'm not sure why this one caught fire, but since it did I thought I would share it with the loyal Daddy D readership. I hope you like it.
The most viewed image in my photostream is my capture of a little miraculous moment: a hatching duckling. I'll keep clicking. Here's my little pacesetter:

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Unknown said...

Nice shot! I hope they stay on your flowers and off of my windshield!

Darrell said...

It's not the windshield that gets me, it's the front of my car.

Seth said...

I've been looking at your work on Flickr...you have some really great stuff on there. What kind of camera did your wife buy you?

I've started looking at and pricing some new digital SLRs, not sure what to get.