Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ridiculous Obsession

Sara Sunset
Originally uploaded by Darrell
I am submitting myself for intervention. I am spending hours on the internet fussing with my photos. This image of the Good Half of The Happy Couple gazing into the sunset is the latest attention grabber in my photostream.
What's all the fuss about? Little digital affirmations like these.
Your photo has been appraised as a Platinum Photograph
We would be honored to have your photo in our group!
Please tag your photo with platinumphoto

Your Image Truly Is: BETTER THAN GOOD!

This photo took my BREATH away


I add photos to the internet and I get little trophies! I've done something well, in the judgment of the web masses.

I find myself stopping what I'm doing...putting down a book, turning off the TV, not filling my bird feeders...just so I can log on and see what group is inviting me in now. It's a mental illess, I'll tell you.

I don't know if my wife will take away my camera, my laptop or both.

I will admit that I've taken preemtive measures. I've posted some of her photos, too...and now she's getting trophies. Here's her most popular image so far:

Yes, I intentionally chose a photo which is similar to one of my most popular images. We'll see if the little icons in the comment section under her photo hold her at bay for a while.

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