Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Transition Time

Behind every man......
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Today is the last day of high school for these young people. For me, this means tomorrow we begin the presumption of adulthood. Surely, the hairy person pictured here and for whom we are responsible will be allowed some down time. The stress of being a college freshman and living away from the house for the first time is to be respected. That's what this summer's for, to rest and steel himself for the academic and social rigors ahead.
They have a big trip planned together next month and we encourage them to go and have a blast. Presumption of adulthood notwithstanding, they are 18 and they should be allowed to act 18.
That's kind of scary, isn't it? I guess it all depends on the 18-year-old.
What do you say on the day your first-born finishes high school? What are you supposed to feel? In our house, we put a premium on self awareness. Somehow, today I'm indulgently ignorant of my own feelings.
There's a graduation ceremony ahead. Maybe then, it will start to seem real.

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