Saturday, May 03, 2008

Habit Forming

Sister Sings
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This angelic faux-nun is my daughter, who makes a cameo appearence or two in the Academy of Children's Theater production of The Sound of Music on the campus of Centenary College.
She's earning trooper points in this show because she has two small roles, sings in two big group numbers and has no lines. She does get to wear a fun costume and play for laughs near the end of the show.
One of her closest friends plays the lead role of Maria and she does a beautiful job. My daughter has no delusions of stardom. She does hope to ascend to meatier roles as she becomes an upperclassman.
Her involvement in community theater has been rewarding in many ways, including dramatically broadening her circle of friends. The kids and adults who put this show together have been working long, late hours. The effort shows. The production is impressive.
After two weekends at Marjorie Lyons Playhouse, Maria will outpester any pest or drive a hornet from its nest on another stage. Hopefully my daughter will get some well deserved rest.

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Workman said...

But what of the Dervishes? What will Maria do with those?

(I am a huge fan of The Sound of Music)

Darrell said...

She will throw them out of whirl, of course. But then, you know that...becasue in Istanbul you saw actual whirling dervishes.