Monday, May 05, 2008

Giving with Gab

Golf Emcee
Originally uploaded by Darrell
The Best Friend maintained for a long time that it's only fitting that I made a living by running my mouth. I got in SO MUCH TROUBLE as a kid because I couldn't shut up. Some things never change, I guess.
Recently, I've had the opportunity to donate my services as a host for a variety of events. I'm ambivalent about this because I know people who make money as emcees-for-hire and I fear I'm taking money out of their pockets. Of course, if these event organizers were willing to pay for a host they probably would have hired someone better than me from the start, so I guess it's all moot.
Most recently, I handed out door prizes at a golf tournment benefitting the Alma Mater. It made me happy to contribute my meager talents to the school and they seemed grateful. Plus, I got two steak dinners and a golf umbrella in exchange for my half-hour of service. I think I came out ahead on that deal.

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