Monday, May 26, 2008

Origin of the Fat Cat

snoopy and me
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The Fat Cat is alive and well, but still living in the house under protest. When she was much younger, our daughter begged for a kitten and we agreed to adopt this one with certain conditions. Of course, those conditions were enforced for about six months. Then, they were gone but not forgotten.
We plucked her from a litter of kitties in Natchitoches, LA and every time she misbehaves (which is often), I threaten to take her back there. "You're going to Natchitoches," is a common phrase in our home, and it means you will be exiled for bad behavior.
The cat has had a tendency to pounce without warning and several of my daughter's friends just loathe her. She's mellowing with age, though, and seems to have affected a regal bearing.
She has also learned the fine art of demanding food, which has caused her to get a little chubby.
We don't allow her outside alone because we are convinced she will be devoured by a coyote or carried away by a hawk. She's not alert enough to defend herself.
The kids love her so we put up with her. Plus, Natchitoches is an hour's drive away and with the price of gasoline these days it's less expensive to keep her than to send her away.

So, the possibility of her sticking around long-term is looking up.

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1 comment:

jchristie said...

I have a similar "situation" at my home. I have a rather large cat, too, only mine is even fatter than yours (from what I can tell in the pictures you've posted).

She doesn't pounce. Not even close. I think the only time she moves is when it's time to eat, use the litter box or when we roll her out of the way. She tends to block traffic areas to a greater degree than a WalMart shopper.

But like you, I put up with her because the kids love her.