Saturday, May 10, 2008

Safe in Seattle

Darrell at Safeco Field
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I have arrived in the Pacific Northwest and I got to take in a ball game. The hapless Seattle Mariners were victimized at home by the White Sox. It didn't matter. The night was spectacular and the company was even better.
I had an opportunity to spend part of the day with my old friend Jerry, who took me to Seattle tourist spots. In the evening, his lovely wife Lori joined us at the ball game.
Unexpectedly, I flew here in first class. Somehow, I earned an upgrade. I took it after spending the Shreveport to Houston leg of the journey crammed between a massive defensive lineman and the side of one of those ridiculous regional jets.
As I type I have been awake for 21 and a half hours and I've traveled about 2500 miles. So, wit and wisdom must wait for another post.
It's cold here, which isn't all bad. I think it got above 90 degrees at home today. Hate to see you sweat.
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1 comment:

Workman said...

Welcome to the northwest, Darrell. I love this little corner of the US.

I HATE regional jets.