Sunday, May 04, 2008

Guest Post: The Sound of Uncle Max Hitting the Bottom of the "Swimming Pool"

Tyler Northen, Shreveport
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This entry is from a member of the "Sound of Music" cast.
Poor Uncle Max only wanted to find some singers for the festival in Austria. What he ended up finding was his face in the bottom of the orchestra pit. There's a scene in The Academy of Childrens Theater's production of Sound of Music where Uncle Max (Tyler Northen) is playing a musical version of Marco Polo with the kids...blindfolded. Everyone was already thinking, "Wow, he really is dangerously close to that pit." Well, Saturday night everyone knew just how close Uncle Max really was. The faces of the Von Trapp children were priceless as they watched their uncle tumble helplessly into the gaping hole onstage. The conductor attemped to catch him and, somewhat cushioned the fall. Louisa (Meagan Tinsley) did her best to cover by peering down and meekly asking, ".......Uncle max...... Are you okay?" After the 8 foot drop, his ominous groans and a weak, "I'm okay.." could be heard over the sound system. Next thing you know the sport crawls out of the hobbit-hole that is the entrance to the pit offstage. He stands up and confidently states, "ALRIGHT children that's enough messing around! Let's get serious!" He hops back onstage and countinues with the scene. Later in that scene however, as the Baroness (Jenny Taunton) asks if he would like to go on a brisk walk, exiting stage he wings, "Why yes, and maybe a trip to the hospital!" -The audience losing it at this point- Then The Captain enters stage and says, "I knew we should have filled up that swimming pool with water!" Overall a very eventful performance. These characters as well as many others can be seen at The Marjorie Lyons Playhouse at Centenary Thursday the 8th, 7:00 through Sunday the 11th, 2:00. It really is a great show!

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Unknown said...

Nifty post. Terrible about the fall but what a moment captured in this story.

Oh my gosh, it's been tooo long since I've been to the live theatre. I really have to pick a production and go. That's my goal one live show this year.