Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Full Jethro

Jethro* moves the love seat
Originally uploaded by Darrell
I have failed to achieve my stated goal for the Sunday of Memorial Day: Never leave the house. Don't do anything. Cirumstances forced me to move some furniture into storage. This being "lazy day," I was in no frame of mind to tie the furniture down in the bed of the truck. So, I reached deep for my redneck roots and rode on a love seat in the bed of the pickup.
The sun was shining brilliantly as I put my life and my reputation on the line by riding through a couple of the city's most affluent zip codes looking like I had just rolled in from Bugtussle*.
I have to admit it was pretty relaxing back there with the wind whipping around me. The love seat was more comfortable than any car seat I've been in.
Plus, I was riding backward, which means I didn't have to make any decisions. I was actually disappointed when we reached the storage unit. I think I had experienced a moment of Zen.

For you kids out there, "Jethro" and "Bugtussle" are references to "The Beverly Hillbillies." Feel free to look them up on Wikipedia.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The pic of you sitting in the back of the pick-up with the furniture brings back memories when "back in da Day" fellow KSLA'ers would help a colleague move from one dumpy apartment to another. I have vivid images of helping Carl Pendley move (twice...hey he still owes me a case of beer and pizza!).

I can clearly recall two images: Carl playing his upright piano in the back of a pick-up while we were driving down Youree Drive on a Sunday afternoon AND...trying to get the same damn piano up a narrow flight of stairs in a converted house / apt. on Stoner.
What a pain that was!!

He still owes me that beer! : (